Jefferson County Pilots Association

Fill in the form below to add your name to the JCPA email list. We will not share your contact information with anyone — period.

Under "Other information", please tell us the type of Airman's certificate you hold; the type of aircraft you own (if any); and whether it is hangared at 0S9. You don't need to supply this information if you just want to be added to the mailing list. This information is required however, to become a voting member.

Allow 48 hours for the webmaster to send a confirmation message. Any questions or problems, contact the webmaster at 360 774-0764 or by email at

Privacy Policy: We do not share your contact information with anybody. A paper copy of the Voting Members List is available at meetings to other Voting Members. If you do not want your email address and phone number(s) listed on the paper list, please put PRIVATE in the "other information". Only your name, certificate type, aircraft type and hangar information will be on the printed list.


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