Jefferson County Pilots Association

2017 Meetings and Events

October 5, 2017 Meeting

Port's Agenda (PDF file) view

0S9 Maint-Repair JCPA Concerns (PDF file) view

Jefferson Co Int'l AP Presentation (PDF file) view

Pilot Meeting WSDOT Pavement Management Program (PDF file) view

Runway Rehabilitation Project Overview TIW-0S9 - AOPA (PDF file) view

JCPA Runway Meeting Notes (PDF file) view

September 29 Meeting

Meeting Notes (PDF file)

August 12, 2017 Meeting and BBQ

Minutes of the August 12 Meeting (PDF file)

June 30, 2017 Meeting

Minutes of the June 30 Meeting (PDF file)

Port Townsend Leader June 21, 2017

Jefferson Airport pilots say new runway not needed

May 26, 2017 Meeting

Minutes of the May 26 Meeting (PDF file)

Notes on the Runway Rehab Project (PDF file)

April 21, 2017 Meeting

Meeting notes including nominations of officers and directors, and more - view

Presentation on ADS-B Installation Requirements, Considerations - view

Presentation on Disaster Airlift Response Plan - view